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Who is Glòria?


In an area, with street names of Saints, surrounded by churches and convents a hotel with very unique characteristics and a very significant identity is born and hence its name Glòria, and from where we also invite all guests to be in their Glory.

We are also Glòria, our family orientated team is made up by motivated professionals prepared to give the best of themselves while working gloriously and serve you with a philosophy that we are all there to help and create an efficient but relaxed and distended service. So you can enjoy being part or Glòria and we will do everything to make your stay the best!

Here is a glimpse of the story of Glòria de Sant Jaume from her ancestors, when she was born and what she has become today. It is a project conceived by a family with enthusiasm and dedication.



Number 18 of the Carrer Sant Jaume has its origins according to the registry of Palma in the 16th century, conserving still some signs of the medieval construction. Since then it has passed through several owners, one of them being a Catalan aristocrat who divided the house giving a part to the church and where today there is still a convent converted into a school but where the house still conserves an adjoining room.

In the most recent history, at the end of the 19th century, the main branch of the family Palou de Comasema closely linked to the arrival of King Jaume I to Mallorca and well known for its various properties in the Balearic Islands finally fixed their residence in Palma and specifically in this house on the Carrer Sant Jaume. At that time it became known as Ca'n Palou de Comasema.

In 1870 the family made a superb renovation that modernized it and gave it its unique character of fin de siècle style to its noble floor with colourful tiling of the famous Catalan factory Escofet, tall windows, carved woodwork and large stone arches of Santanyi. Today and as evidence of the date of this reform not only are there all the unique elements but also newspaper clippings that appeared behind the wallpapers of the rooms and that give us an insight into how they lived in those times. For the interest of guests several of these clippings have been framed and hang on several corridors of the hotel.

Later in the1930’s the second floor was restored with new rooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Hence, the house has two floors of very different style but at the same time with similar character.

The Palou de Comasema family continued living in it until a few years ago when they decided to sell it and was acquired by a new family, the Cabau family, thus passing the house from one family to another.

From this point, a new chapter is opened when the Cabau family with a hotel industry background decides to transform the house into their dreamed singular hotel.

Where tradition and avant-garde find their perfect match

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